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Electronic Cigarette Reviews

REDCIG take customer feedback very seriously. It is for this reason we're one of the fastest growing Electronic Cigarette companies in the UK. We understand our customers require a quality product, with safety and taste being very important. We work hard to deliver products at unbeatable value. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve we'd love to hear from you. Simply click on the contact us link with your ideas.

Read some of our reviews below to see what others think.

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One of the BEST I have tried!

Posted by Edward Seymore, Bristol

The starter deals available are a big help in keeping the costs down, and buying recharge cartridges I 4 packs keeps it from getting too pricey. Buying online is convenient as I can order ahead before I run out. I don’t have any problems and work anymore as I am not polluting the work environment so my co-workers are friendlier. If parts break down or stop working properly its easy to just send them back to Redcig for a full replacement. All in all Redcigs saves me time and money.

It works

Posted by Galilei, Derby

Found the batteries to be very responsive and they produce a good amount of vapour. Good to have a few extra batteries if you’re a heavier user like me. I don’t want to run out whenever the urge hits me. The Redcig team is helpful and friendly and the ordering process usually takes place within 2 days. I have bought the package to carry around plus the original ones to smoke at home. I can't recommend Redcigs enough, for quality and flavour.

Great Flavor!

Posted by Ann Hall, Leicester

I like the taste of Redcigs better than ordinary cigarettes and I don't have to go outside in all weathers for a quick smoke or find a place to throw the butt. The oral sensation is good, giving me a good hit, and it feels good in the hand while using it. I have saved lots of money in the months since switching to e-cigs and I can see a time in the near future where very few people will still smoke real cigarettes. If you want to improve your quality of life, than go ahead and get a Redcig starter pack to see the advantages of this type of smoking.

good bye ashes, smoke, and weather extremes

Posted by William Harrison, London

What I like most about my e-cigarette is that I am in complete control over the nicotine level that is dispensed with each drag. I bought the Starter Kit without my hopes being very high on being able to stop smoking cigarettes. But I've been using Redcigs for 6 weeks now and I just love it. I first tried the Regular tobacco flavour but it didn’t taste like me, so I tried the apple and cherry flavour and found it enhanced my smoking experience. I placed an order online for 4 flavour packs of each kind now, and that should last for a while

Love my RedCig

Posted by Calvin, Manchester

Since my Redcig looks and feels like the real thing, I can enjoy smoking without the awful side-effects of real cigarettes. I don’t feel deprived of anything as the flavour remains the same and I can get my rush just like before. I feel no different when I was smoking paper cigarettes and when I first switched to these e-cigs, so I’m confident it is working for me, because I still feel like a smoker. The fact that there is no smell at all, that I can smoke anywhere I like and that it is doing me no harm seems to have disappeared in no time at all. This is a big comfort for me

better battery n better resistance...

Posted by Dean, Oxford

The batteries can be recharged via a power socket or with a USB adaptor. I found this to be very convenient, as the charge usually only lasts one hour. Please start selling batteries so I can keep two on hand, along with the very handy charging case, and I'll be fine. I’d say don't waste your money trying other brands, as the flavours of Redcigs are by far the best and you seem to get a much better draw from Redcig then other brands too

Starter Kit

Posted by Austin, Salford

The introduction kit gives you samples of several tasty flavours, 1 of each flavour to try out. I love the taste of the classic, but the cherry, menthol and apple were good too. Bought a starter pack about two weeks ago and ordered 4 packs of tobacco light cartridges at the incredible rate of £ 8.95. But now I wish you sold one of each flavour for a bit of variety. Redcigs satisfy my craving and I’m all for these e-cigs now

The best experience and the least hassle

Posted by Ebert, Winchester

I wish e-cigs were around when I first started smoking many years ago. Though the initial costs may be higher, in the long run, I’m saving money over real cigarettes and most importantly, I’m saving my health. I love the full puffs of vapour that you get when you just put in a new cartridge. The cartridges last so much longer than the batteries so maybe it’s time to order new batteries. Thanks Redcig for your real-to-life smokes and I hope you keep coming up with new flavours to make it better

Excellent Product

Posted by Mark Peters, London

I've been smoking cigarettes for 3 years, but after trying Redcigs from a friend I got the new starter deluxe kit at a great price. I like the disposables, so I get those too, but I have the rechargeable one just in case I run out. I still get a craving for a real cigarette sometimes, but just a few puffs on my Redcig and that goes away. Whenever I get the urge my e-cigarette allows me to smoke wherever and whenever I want. Since it uses no tobacco and no flame, any no-smoking ban doesn’t stop me from enjoying a satisfying smoke. My fav flavor is classic tobacco, but I also like the cherry, menthol and apple too

Awesome Products

Posted by Pat Cooper, Bristol

Redcigs gives the smoker a realistic sense of having a cigarette, including the nicotine hit, but without the smoke or smell of tobacco leaves. The fact that it is only water, flavouring and nicotine only enhances its use. When you run out of juice, just replace the tip with a new one and charge your electronic cigarette by plugging it into a socket or even your computer, using the USB adaptor. The Redcig taste is incredible, really smooth and enjoyable, thoroughly recommend to others.

Showing Reviews 1 - 10 of 10
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"I smoked for 17 years and believed I would never quit, then a life changing development happened and found out I was to be a father. I refuse to smoke around my child, so I knew I had to do".