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REDCIG Electronic Cigarette Cartridge Refills

REDCIG Cartridge Refills are available in a wide range flavours and strengths, allowing you to customise your REDCIG experience to suit you. From wonderful tobacco to our refreshing apple flavour. If you're looking for a traditional smoking experience, why not try one of our best selling tobacco flavor refills. Or try something new with one of our non-tobacco flavours including apple and cherry; you may find a surprising new favourite. Whichever flavour you choose, we're confident you'll love the taste and experience of our premium quality refills, all made to ISO premum quality standards.

Over the last few decades, health experts have been constantly publicising the dangers of smoking. However, many habitual smokers have found it quite hard to break the habit. This created a need to come up with an innovative product that fulfilled the need to smoke without causing any harm to the smoker, or the people around. This product came out as the electronic cigarette, also called the e-cigarette. This cigarette looks like a real cigarette and also emits a smoke-like substance. The difference, however, is that it does not contain tobacco.

Electronic cigarettes contain e cigarette cartridges that are filled with liquid nicotine. Wrefilshen the smoker inhales, the atomiser of the cigarette turns the nicotine into vapour. Inhaling this vapour gives the smoker his or her fix of nicotine, without the carcinogens present in real cigarette smoke being present in the liquid. Once the cartridge is over, the smoker would need e cigarette refills.

Thanks to the Internet, buying e cigarette refills is pretty easy. There are many specialised online stores that specially deal with electronic cigarette refills. These refills come in a variety of flavours and strengths to suit any persons desired preference. If you are looking for a reliable and high-quality brand, you should opt for REDCIG e-cigarette cartridges. These cartridges come in tobacco and non-tobacco flavours, such as apple and cherry, and offer an exceptional experience of smoking electronic cigarettes.

The REDCIG site offers free deliveries for orders over £40 and also a 30-day money-back promise, making it one of the most sought after refills in the market. If you are looking for premium e-cigarette refills, this is one brand that fits the bill quite well.

Please note, e-cigarette refills are not suitable for disposable electronic cigarettes or E-Gars.


RED Cartridge Refill Light

5 x Cartridge Refills Light

From: $12.84

Menthol E-Cigarette Cartridge Refill

5 x Cartridge Refills Menthol

From: $12.84

RED Cartridge Refill Cherry

5 x Cartridge Refills Cherry

From: $12.84

RED Cartridge Refill Apple

5 x Cartridge Refills Apple

From: $12.84

RED Cartridge Refill Bold Tobacco

5 x Cartridge Refill Bold Tobacco

From: $12.84

RED Cartridge Refill Coconut

5 x RED Cartridge Refill Coconut

From: $12.84

RED Cartridge Refill Coffee

5 x Cartridge Refill Coffee

From: $12.84

RED Cartridge Refill Vanilla

5 x Cartridge Refill Vanilla

From: $12.84