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REDCIG Ultimate Kit

Batteries: 3 Batteries
# Of Cigarettes: 300 # Of Cigarettes
Case: Card Case
USB Charger: 3 USB Charger
Wall Charger: 2 Wall Charger

Contains proprietary
PureFlow ™

Containing NicoPure a
premium GMP Standard
source of Nicotine in a
natural tasting flavour.


Featuring the latest technology for electronic cigarettes, the REDCIG Ultimate Kit is the ultimate way to enjoy your smoke-free journey. This stylish package contains everything you need to get started with REDCIG: three indoor friendly RED tipped batteries, three handy USB charging sticks, two UK mains chargers and six scrumptious different strength sample cartridges in Classic Tobacco, equivalent to 300 traditional cigarettes all in three compact carry cases which are the same size as a traditional cigarette packet. Buy the REDCIG Ultimate Kit today to experience a more realistic, tobacco free smoking experience with no tar, ash or odours. Join thousands already enjoying the REDCIG experience with our Ultimate Kit.

What's included?

Three Extended Life Freedom Batteries

Three Extended Life Freedom Batteries
These red tipped power sources deliver extended battery life, which means your REDCIG can last longer between charges. Developed in the same labs as used by technology giants like Samsung and Apple, these batteries are optimised for maximum vapour production.

Six Premium Quality REDCIG Cartridges

Six Premium Quality REDCIG Cartridges
With your starter kit, you'll receive three regular (11mg) and three light (6mg) cartridges in original tobacco flavor, equivalent to 300 traditional cigarettes.

Three USB Stick Electronic Cigarette Charger

Three USB Stick Electronic Cigarette Charger
You will also receive three USB stick chargers that allows you to charge from your Mac or PC computer, perfect for charging your REDCIG at home, at work and on the go.

Two UK Mains Power Chargers

Two UK Mains Power Chargers
Not only can you charge your REDCIG via your PC or Mac, you can also use these handy power adaptors, included in the Ultimate Kit, to plug into any UK wall socket. This allows you to take advantage of multiple charging options, so you can charge your REDCIG electronic cigarette however is most convenient for you.

Deluxe Kit

Why buy the REDCIG Ultimate Kit?

  • It has the real look, feel and flavour of a traditional cigarette
  • It is tobacco smoke and odour free, and has no ashes
  • Costs less than regular cigarettes
  • Rechargeable battery & additional cartridges available
  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee
  • Research and Developed in the UK
  • Premium Quality to meet ISO Standards


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REDCIG Ultimate Kit

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Big Pack for a Big User

Posted by Denis W.

Decided to switch to e-cigs for my health and the Ultimate Kit from Redcig offered a wider capacity of 300 cigs then some other brands. So far its working for me!