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RED USB E-Cigarette Charger



The REDCIG USB Stick Electronic Cigarette Charger gives you a number of highly convenient options for charging your e-cigarette batteries. The USB Charger allows you to plug a REDCIG battery directly into the USB and to charge from your PC or laptop. It’s perfect for the office or while travelling so you can charge your e-cigarette batteries while you’re on the go. This handy device comes with a LED light that indicates a fully charged e-cig battery when it turns from red to green. Why not buy two so you can keep one at home and one at the office?

REDCIG USB E-Cigarette Charger

The REDCIG USB Stick Electronic Cigarette Charger is the perfect accompaniment to our select range of e-cigarette products. As with everything in our range, it has been designed with your convenience in mind. Never again find yourself without the pleasure of a working electronic cigarette – when your battery runs low, simply use this E Cigarette Charger to recharge from any PC, laptop, netbook or other device with a USB port.

Inexpensive, reliable and easy to use, a USB Electronic Cigarette Charger is portable and ensures a means of rejuvenating your electronic cigarette so that when your battery runs low you will always have a backup on hand – when you need that hit of nicotine most – available. A handy LED lets you know when your electronic cigarette is fully charged, with a light that changes from green to red.

An E Cigarette Charger is perfect for those on the go, for people with busy lives and demanding schedules. A small and light piece of equipment, they'll fit in any pocket, wallet or purse. Why not buy two – one for home and one for work. A spare is always handy, in fact as handy as a spare lighter used to be when you were a regular smoker. Likewise, why not buy two batteries so that you always have one charged and ready to go.

All our products are manufactured to strict UK standards, and you can rely on the convenience of this small, practical device as you would rely on the comfort of a smoke. Many people prefer these small devices to the larger plugs, as they are easy to carry and use when you're travelling or commuting.


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RED USB E-Cigarette Charger

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Posted by Ber Cavangh

More useful then a plug for me, laptop is always on anyway so i keep this plugged in and I get recharged