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News and Media

The University of Catania new study gives e-cigs a boost

Electronic cigarettes are a revolution in the smoking field. They are increasingly being seen as a safer alternative to traditional smoking, which proves detrimental to health not only of the user, but also of the passive smoker who suffers from the harmful effects of thousands of chemicals secondhand.

Now there is some good news for e-cig lovers. A recent study conducted by the University of Catalina researchers claims that using electronic cigarettes helps reduce the consumption of tobacco cigarettes. According to the study, at least 13 percent of users who switched to e cigs had completely stopped tobacco cigarettes usage by the time the trial was complete. The study concluded that e-cigarettes "hold promise in serving as a means for reducing the number of cigarettes smoked, and can lead to enduring tobacco abstinence".

The fight to save e-cigs continues in Brussels

Since The European Parliament’s Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) voted on the Tobacco Products Directive there has been a great uproar in the e cig industry. This comes as a blow to the electronic cigarette industry, which is being increasingly seen as offering a healthier alternative to the tobacco industry. The e cig industry hoped that the committee on environment, public health, and food safety would vote in favour of the directive, calling for non regulation of electronic cigarettes as medical devices. ENVI will submit a report at the EU Plenary meeting in autumn.

Similar to the proposals in Brussels, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency announcement that it intends to have e-cigs classified as medicinal products is a severe blow to the future of the electronic cigarette industry. The strict regulation will make it more difficult for users to access e-cigs than their unarguably more harmful counterparts, tobacco cigarettes.

Looking at the Growth of the Electronic Cigarette Revolution

Undoubtedly the electronic cigarette revolution has been a blessing for smokers. The rising popularity and growth of e cigs projects a rosy picture for the e-cig industry. According to Bonie Harzong, a security analyst with Wells Fargo, e-cigs are "here to stay". Harzong, who has been closely following the tobacco industry for several years, predicts that sales of the electronic version would reach over billion dollars within a matter of few years, surpassing the sale of tobacco cigarettes within 10 years. In fact the growth has happened so quickly it is astonishing.

E Cigs featured on BBC News

According to a charity Action on Smoking and Health survey, the number of people vaping e-cigs will cross a million this year. This figure says it all about the rising popularity of electronic cigarettes, which are seen as an innovation in the field of smoking. E cigs are widely being seen as harmless compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes, which are linked to many diseases.

In a news story featured on the BBC on the e cigarette industry, electronic cigarettes only got further credibility as the widely popular form of smoking these days. In fact, the e-cig industry is one of the fastest growing in Britain.

Celebrities who love to vape

E cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular these days, and the vaping community is expanding constantly. If you like to vape, you’re in good company with the likes of several Hollywood sensations, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Sienna Miller, Catherine Zeta Jones, among others. E cigs are becoming popular as a safer alternative to tobacco smoking as they are not known to emit harmful toxins.

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