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Home » How Do REDCIG Electronic Cigarettes Work
How Do REDCIG Electronic Cigarettes Work

How Do REDCIG Electronic
Cigarettes Work

REDCIG electronic cigarettes are different from the typical tobacco cigarette, which comprises of dried tobacco leaves enclosed in paper. Unlike traditional cigs that require a lighter or matchstick to light the high-heat ember at the end, REDCIG e cigs are different. You don't need to ash them in a tray, worry about smelly clothes or the harmful effects of smoking.

Vapour vs. Smoke

REDCIG electronic cigarettes offer a safer alternative for smokers above 18 years of age to enjoy nicotine, without leaving any pollutants in the air. Our e-cigs come in disposable and rechargeable models. While disposables comprise an atomiser, a battery and flavoured nicotine, rechargeable e-cigs are composed of a flavour cartridge and an atomiser which screws onto a rechargeable battery. When combined together, both pieces look similar to the shape and size of a tobacco cigarette.

Unlike traditional cigs, electronic cigarettes produce water vapour, which is inhaled just like smoke, giving the feel of smoke. The vapour evaporates instantly after being exhaled without creating an offensive odour, which means you don't have to worry about the person standing next to you.

How E-Cigs Heat Up?

REDCIG e cigs contain a flavoured liquid, also known as smoke juice. This liquid is transformed into vapour when the cigarette is lit up. Electronic cigarettes aren't harmful like traditional cigarettes as they do not produce harmful chemicals or contain tar.

Here's how REDCIG works:

There is a mouthpiece at the end of the REDCIG electronic cigarette with which you inhale in the same way as you would smoke a cigarette. As a result of inhalation, the battery is activated. On activation of the battery, the Red LED light will light up instantly, giving you an indication that the cigarette is on. Soon the smoke juice heats up, moving through the atomiser. The smoke juice is turned into vapour, which gives you a feel of nicotine when inhaled. The vapour moves into the mouthpiece, from where you inhale it.

Unlike traditional tobacco cigs, you don't need a fire to heat up e cigs. Rather, the battery heats up the cigarette. With the REDCIG you no longer need to carry lighters, matchsticks nor worry about ash trays when you go out. REDCIG doesn't leave any second hand smoke, which means others around you don't need to worry about inhaling tobacco smoke.

REDCIG certainly works better than traditional cigarettes, offering a safer, cleaner alternative.

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"I smoked for 17 years and believed I would never quit, then a life changing development happened and found out I was to be a father. I refuse to smoke around my child, so I knew I had to do".