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Featured Post Want to quit smoking? use electronic cigarettes

Smoking is a hard habit to break, and quitting cigarettes is virtually impossible for some people to do. Fortunately there are many products designed to help, including electronic cigarettes. Using e-cigs is one of the healthiest options for those looking to quit smoking, not only for the smoker but also for the environment.

The primary thing making e-cigs a healthier option is the lack of tobacco. Using e-cigarettes gives a smoker the same sensation of smoking a cigarette, such as the manual routine of holding and inhaling, without actually taking in smoke. E-cigs typically use a vapour to simulate smoking. Because of this lack of tobacco, users of e-cigs avoid inhaling one of the most dangerous byproducts of burning tobacco – tar.

Tar is a resinous residue that collects in the lungs of smokers and over time can affect their functioning. The tar from smoking tobacco can also rot teeth and dull the sensation of the taste buds. E-cigarettes also dispense with other hazardous chemicals found in tobacco smoking, including carbon monoxide and acetic acid. Another of the chemical compounds found in tobacco is nicotine which is, arguably, the most addictive element of smoking and smokers find it difficult to withdraw from this stimulant when trying to quit.

E-cigarettes give the user a hit of nicotine that is typically less than in traditional cigarettes and is not accompanied by the toxic elements of smoke. Furthermore, not only can using e-cigarettes help you to improve your health, it can also help the environment. Cigarette smoke contains a great number of chemicals and carcinogens that are not only bad for your lungs and respiratory system, but also create air pollution. The smokeless nature of these products makes them one of the most environmentally friendly quitting techniques available.

Quitting tobacco smoking is often a very difficult process to go through. The withdrawal from the addictive components in the smoke and the loss of the routine are difficult to replace. E-cigarettes can help with this, providing a replacement item and delivering lower levels of nicotine, The fact that these smokeless cigarettes are also environmentally friendly make traditional cigarettes easier to replace. If you’re still smoking, go ahead and quit with an electronic cigarette today.