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A guide to switching from regular cigarettes to e-cigs

Reluctant smokers will tell you that quitting is easier said than done. As Mark Twain famously said, “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times.” But now kicking regular cigarettes has become easier than ever with the introduction of electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs.

They look like analog cigarettes or pipes – many types even light up to look more realistic. But what appears to be smoke is actually not smoke at all – it’s mostly water vapor. Since e-cigs produce vapor instead of smoke, you can “vape” most anywhere, totally smoke-free. At home, in bars, in the park – you can enjoy an e-cig without sharing unpleasant smoke with others. This makes e-cigs a great alternative to analog cigarettes.

If you want to switch your old paper cigarettes for e-cigs the next question would be what do you need? Well, what you don’t need is a lighter or matches. No more standing in the cold asking passers-by for a light! The disaster of forgetting to bring a lighter or matches is no problem at all with e-cigs. And since e-cigs are smoke-free, your days of smokes going out in the rain are over – now you can “vape” indoors. Another advantage of vaping is that because they don’t produce smoke, that stale smoke smell that clings to your clothes after every cigarette is a thing of the past!

The best way to start on this new adventure is by getting yourself a starter kit, which most brands such as RedCig have. Your e-cig starter kit will come with everything you need: batteries, charger, cartridges and atomizers – these last two are combined into “cartomizers” if you go for the “2-piece” model. Then you just connect the cartomizer to the battery section and you’re ready to stop smoking and start vaping. Super simple!

E-cigs are now available in a variety of flavours, such as light tobacco, regular tobacco and menthol. This means that when you quit smoking, you can find a match to one of the flavours that resembles your old brand of regular cigarettes, making it easier to switch to vaping. Changing flavours is as simple as changing cartridges, so you’re sure to find the right flavour for your taste.

So if you’re ready to quit smoking, try vaping!