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E-cigarettes are as safe as a cup of coffee, study reveals.

Experts have deemed E-cigarettes to have the same impact on health as a cup of coffee. Currently, there are few restrictions on the use of e-cigarettes in the UK, making them a popular choice to mimic the physical and social act of smoking and help people successfully quit.


Professor Robert West, director of Tabacco Studies at University College London, says there is huge potential for e-cigarettes to play an important role as a medical tool to aid addicts quit smoking. “In public health terms, [e-cigarettes] are not really an issue – it’s like drinking coffee or something, there’s no real risk associated with it,” says Professor Robert West. E-cigarettes present a safer tool to help quit smoking which can potentially drastically reduce national levels of smoking-associated diseases and deaths.


Several studies have shown that a higher proportion of attempts to quit smoking are successful with e-cigarettes compared to tradition nicotine patches and gums. Research conducted by Boston University  School of Public Health has been published to show that usage of e-cigarettes had a 70% cessation rate (http://www.ajpmonline.org/article/S0749-3797(10)00792-0/abstract). Furthermore, a six-month follow up study revealed that 34% of those who had successfully quit smoking were no longer using e-cigarettes or any nicotine containing products.


Another study conducted by University College London found similar results regarding the success rate of cessation when e-cigarettes were used compared to nicotine patches or gums. Professor West, a leading researcher has commented that “E-cigarettes could substantially improve public health because of their widespread appeal and the huge health gains associated with stopping smoking.”


Action on Smoking and Health have estimated that over 2 million smokers have tried using e-cigarettes. The ever increasing uptake of e-cigarettes by smokers is likely to impact and reduce the thousands of death caused by smoking related illnesses. The health benefits of e-cigs are promising so far, however with call to restrict the use of e-cigarettes will ‘diminish the number of successful attempts to quit and choke the e-cigarette industry,’ as Mark Robbins, a consultant for Redcig (www.redcig.co.uk) states.


Regulatory bodies continue to campaign for restricted use of e-cigarettes claiming that the variety of flavours entice minors to take up smoking. “A range of flavours are offered because adults like them and contribute to helping adults stop craving the tobacco flavour in cigarettes,” counters Redcig consultant Mark Robbins.


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