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E-cig essentials for the beginner

So, you’ve decided to make the jump to electronic cigarettes from the traditional kind? That is certainly fantastic news. But, what’s that I hear you say? You’re not too sure on just where to start with electronic cigarettes? Well, fortunately for you, making the switch really could not be simpler, and this article is really all you should ever need to consult before changing over. All respectable e-cig retailers are likely to carry a starter kit that you can purchase, and this kit should contain all of the essentials you need to enjoy smoking electronically.

Purchasing the starter kit is recommended over, say, a disposable e-cig despite the somewhat minor increase in price, as the functions made available to you by this aforementioned kit are able to offer you a significant reduction in overall cost. This is because electronic cigarettes purchased as part of a starter kit have the facility to be re-charged and re-filled when out of power, as opposed to simply discarded. Naturally, this is a much more economical route to take because, after the initial financial outlay, refill cartridges can be purchased for a much cheaper price than the disposable alternatives, meaning much more value for money in the long run. It is understandable that you may be apprehensive about trading in your traditional cigarettes for an electronic substitute, and that is perfectly reasonable.

However, all you have to do is consider the benefits that e-cigs can offer, and all your fears will be easily alleviated. As previously stated, the availability of charging cables and refill cartridges means that your smoking will cost a lot less once you take the leap to e-cigs, no matter how regularly you smoke. And it’s not just the money saving that makes it clearly the better choice; indeed, the scentless vapour means that if you are partial to smoking in your home but do not (or live with someone who does not) find the smell of cigarette smoke all that appealing, you can now do so without so much as a second thought.

And if that wasn’t persuasive enough for you, then just take a look at the veritable multitude of studies which have confirmed that, due to the absence of tar and tobacco, e-cigs are a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. So, why wait? Make the switch today, and never look back!