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REDCIG Electronic Cigarette Accessories

We offer a wide range of electronic cigarette accessories and extras to compliment your REDCIG experience. Why not grab an extra charging accessory to give yourself extra flexibility. We have USB Chargers and UK Mains Power Chargers. Our accessories allow you to enjoy REDCIG your way, whenever and wherever you want.

Electronic cigarettes are gaining in popularity as smokers look for alternative ways of feeding their habit without the inherent health risks associated with the traditional tobacco based products that are presently being used. For many, starting on e-cigarettes is an experiment to see if they can use them as a viable substitute in the longer term. Of course the experiment is much the same as it was when they first began smoking with the initial sneaky puff on someone else's e cig, to see what it's like, how it tastes and testing the reaction in smoke restricted areas.

Many of course have experimented enough and found that e cigs are to their liking, making the commitment to continue with the electronic devices for the benefits that come with them, such as not ingesting carcinogens and the residual smell on their skin and clothes. This then opens a whole new world of Electronic Cigarette Accessories considering a number of E Cig Accessories are initially needed to be able to continue to use e cigs.

Electronic Cigarette Accessories are a one off purchase (as long as they don't get lost) and are ideal when choosing a multi-use e-cigarette, once the decision to switch has been made.

Please note, e-cigarette refills are not suitable for disposable electronic cigarettes or E-Gars.


RED USB E-Cigarette Charger

1 x USB Charger for charging your REDCIG via your PC

From: $7.70

RED Power Adapter

1 x Power Adapter for charging your REDCIG via a UK power socket

From: $7.70

REDCIG Spare Battery

1 x Spare Battery for electronic cigarettes

From: $8.99