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REDCIG Electronic Cigarettes

REDCIG electronic cigarette refills are now offered in three different strengths depending on your preference. They still feature a patented design that produces an enjoyable, consistent vapour with every puff. Developed by our dedicated team of REDCIG scientists, these e-cigarette refills taste identical to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Best of all, we offer seven distinct, satisfying flavours to choose from, ensuring your electronic cigarettes always offer a different, exciting and delicious experience. Why not try a new flavour today?

In the last few years E cigarettes have become the main alternative to smoking cigarettes and every day more and more smokers change to this new technology because it has many advantages over smoking regular cigarettes. Using an e cigarette will provide you with an experience very similar to smoking an actual tobacco cigarette, but it comes without many of the negative side effects. Electronic cigarettes are sold and distributed by Redcig and are developed in the UK, replacement cartridges in many flavours and nicotine in quantities of 6mg and 11mg are also available.

Here electronic cigarettes UK is based on the same concept as an inhaler, a cartridge contains a liquid that evaporates when the user inhales through the cigarette mouthpiece, giving the sensation of inhaling smoke but emitting only a non-toxic vapor. The LED light at the end of the e cig lights up with each inhalation, which together with the vapor, makes it look like a real cigarette.

The cigarette uses a battery that is rechargeable with a USB cable or a regular plug. Each cartridge lasts for the equivalent of about 30 to 50 cigarettes and the overall cost is much less than you'd spend on your regular cigarettes. There are many flavours available for electronic cigarettes UK. Redcig offer five varieties, which cover most people's tastes: tobacco (in regular and light versions), cherry, apple and menthol.

There is no residual smell or ash, and it is completely legal to use everywhere. Which is why many smokers who are not prepared to quit regular cigarettes, choose e cigarettes to smoke indoors or anywhere else where actual smoking is forbidden.

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    REDCIG Frequently Asked Questions

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"I smoked for 17 years and believed I would never quit, then a life changing development happened and found out I was to be a father. I refuse to smoke around my child, so I knew I had to do".